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Publication Date: 22 Jun 2023

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Headline: SA tech heads can run Brics skills Olympics
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TEXT: The SA Brics Business Council is looking for the country`s best up-and-corn- ing tech gurus to represent the country in this year`s Brics Future Skills Chal- lenge. The challenge is de- scribed as a multiday on- line `skills Olympics` where youngsters from Brics countries - Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa - will be solving re- al-world problems in their specific future skill areas. The event will take place in Johannesburg from 12 to 15 September, focusing on energy, water and health. The SA Brics Business Council is searching for 120 local participants, includ- ing individual participants and teams, to apply. Students from univer- sities and technical and vocational education and training colleges and pro- fessionals aged between 16 and 35 are eligible to apply. Founder of TechWays and Project Lead at Brics Future Skills Joanne Brink explained that the benefits of participating in the Brics Future Skills Challenge ex- tend beyond recognition as one of SA`s top tech minds. `If you are selected, you will receive training and exposure to real-world case studies. `You`ll receive a certifi- cate, international experi- ence to add to your CV and an opportunity to bench- mark your skills at a global level` she said. `The competition will help clarify where there is a skills deficit and where South Africa should be con- centrating its efforts.` - Visit www.bricsfuture- for more infor- mation. -