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Publication Date: 01 Jul 2022

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Headline: The National Metrology Institute of South Africa (NMISA) Human Capital Development Program
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TEXT: ABOUT NMISA NMISA is a public entity reporting to the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition (the dtic). The institute provides the confidence that measurements made in South Africa are accurate, comparable and internationally accepted. The work that NMISA does impacts the daily lives of all citizens at various community levels. From the quality of drinking water, monitoring of air pollution, food safety, health care to law enforcement, all industries require the measurement foundation that NMISA provides. WHAT IS METROLOGY? Metrology is defined as the science of measurement. Part of NMISA`s core responsibilities is to ensure that results obtained from measurements performed in South Africa are fit for purpose, and effective, equivalent to the national measurement standards of other national metrology institutes in the world. The fact that modern society simply could not exist without measurement means that metrology is everywhere, playing a vital role in our everyday lives. Time, size, distance, speed, direction, weight, volume, temperature, pressure, force, sound, light, energy, etc. are among the physical properties for which humans have developed accurate measures, without which we could not live our normal daily lives. WHAT IS AN SI UNIT? In its simplest definition, SI units are internationally agreed on units of measurement. It consists of the base units; metre, kilogram, second, kelvin, candela, mole and ampere units derived from the base units such as the newton (the unit for force) and certain other non-SI units approved for use with the SI, such as the litre, the unit for volume. HOW DO I FIND OUT MORE? NMISA advertises all bursaries, studentships and vacancies on its website, http://www. aspx. You can also follow the Institute on its social media pages, as most opportunities are posted on Linkedln and Facebook where all vacancies are also listed. Facebook National Metrology Institute of South Africa Twitter: @NMISouthAfrica Instagra.. @nmisouthafrica Linkedln: National Metrology Institute of South Africa (NMISA) YouTube. National Metrology Institute of South Africa NMISA WHO SHOULD APPLY? The NMISA offers full cost bursaries in the Engineering (Electrical/Electronic, Mechanical, Mechatronics), Materials Science, Physics and Chemistry fields of study. Minimum selection criteria Bursaries are offered on academic merit and financial need. Applicants must be registered full-time students at a recognised South African University in any of the fields listed above. Candidates who can provide grade 11 results and a progress report for grade 12 or have grade 12 university entry with acceptable symbols. Applicants must be South African citizens. For additional information contact us: NMISA Human Resource Office, email areers )nmisa.or or NMISA BURSARIES NMISA offers bursaries to students who are looking to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in fields of science and technology at recognised South African Universities. Upon completion of their studies, the graduates will be required to work one year for every year of study sponsored at NMISA. This will allow the graduate to gain extensive practical work experience in metrology. NMISA INTERNSHIPS & STUDENTSHIPS NMISA offers a 12-month internship programme, which allows qualified graduates to get practical work experience in their various areas of study. The intern will also receive a monthly stipend differentiated according to their level of qualification. Studentships are offered for Masters and PhD students to do their research based on the technical needs of the institution. The internship/studentship opportunity areas are as follows: Support Functions Human Resources & Information Technology Finance & Supply Chain Management Legal / Risk / Compliance / Office Administration Communications & Marketing Facilities Safety, Health, Environment & Quality (SH EQ) International Liason Technical Divisions Chemical, Material and Medical Metrology Physical and Electrical Metrology Applied Metrology