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Publication Date: 01 Jul 2022

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Headline: Workback Success Stories
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TEXT: WHAT TRAINING DID YOU UNDERGO? Firstly, as a person, you should do self-training or self-studying about the metrology field and about what it entails so that the related training makes sense. I attended short courses relating to metrology. Courses relating to methods used, how are results analyzed/interpreted, what factors influence measurement results and the measurement system used for the measurements. WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS FOR THE FUTURE? To engage in more collaborations with other stakeholders in the metrology field in South Africa and worldwide. Doing career outreach in rural areas where people know nothing about metrology and how metrology enables our daily lives and allows us to remain safe and have a good quality of life. WHAT IS YOUR ADVICE FOR THOSE INTERESTED? The career path of the `Science of Measurement` which is known as Metrology, is wide and multi-disciplinary. Gather metrology information and then choose any metrology field that you want to specialize in and master WHAT TRAINING DID YOU UNDERGO? I studied Mechanical Engineering and obtained a National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. I also received training at NMISA. WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS FOR THE FUTURE? I would like to further my studies in Mechanical Engineering and enter the field of Failure Analysis. WHAT IS YOUR ADVICE FOR THOSE INTERESTED`: Be open to learning new things and improving. Take on new opportunities when it is presented to you, it can help you gain experience. WHAT TRAINING DID YOU UNDERGO? I completed a basic vibration sensor calibration course which entailed the basic ideas required for the calibration of vibration transducers. I also gained experience in working with a mobile kibble balance and its construction. WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS FOR THE FUTURE? I would love to become a technical signatory. I am planning on taking on projects that will bring about awareness of metrology in industrialization to encourage more talent in the field. Hopefully, this will grow the metrology space. WHAT IS YOUR ADVICE FOR THOSE INTERESTED? Skills improvement is vital in any workspace. I would encourage anyone starting in this career to learn all skills required to carry out tasks as soon as possible. Always be willing to take on new and available projects, this will enable career growth and networking with other scientists. WHAT TRAINING DID YOU UNDERGO? I`ve undergone several training sessions which includes the use of analytical chemistry measurement techniques, such as inductively coupled plasma (ICP) instruments and chromatography. I`ve also done many technical short courses applicable to chemical metrology science. WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS FOR THE FUTURE? I want to move into the mining sector and do chemical testing for mining purposes. WHAT IS YOUR ADVICE FOR THOSE INTERESTED? Find a mentor. Having a mentor can give you valuable insight and help increase your visibility in the industry. CINDY MCFARLANE, 26 Engineer, Length Section BRIAN MABOKO, 34 Scientist, Quantum Standards LANDILE MNDEBELE, 21 Scientist, Acoustics, Ultrasound and Vibrations (AUV) Section NWABISA TAKATA, 30 PhD Bursar, Materials Metrology Section